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Youth & Family Engagement Director (Part-Time)

Job Description



The mission of this important role is to spearhead, oversee and manage parish programs and activities for our youth, aged 3-17. The Youth Director will work under the direct authority of the Priest and the oversight of the Parish Council. 


The Ideal Candidate will…

  • Be a Christian of strong faith and desire to serve God and the Armenian Church, particularly Armenian Youth

  • Enjoy spending time with youth and cultivating relationships with their families

  • Preferably, be a baptized member of the Armenian Church



  • Excellent communication skills

  • Exceptional collaborative skills; ability to work within teams and with a range of ages, backgrounds and personalities

  • Proactive skills; ability to take initiative, drive and manage programs, develop and execute creative ideas

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Ability to effectively use social media to keep adults and youth connected and engaged



  • Lead and organize effective youth activities implementing fellowship, worship, service and education

  • Coordinate, plan and schedule all youth activities and spiritual programming at St. Vartan Church, including existing programs and new programming, in consultation with the Priest and a Parish Council liason

  • Recruit youth from within the church and the community at-large

  • Prepare and deliver frequent, regular communications and event/program related PR to youth and their families

  • Prepare a monthly report for the Priest and Parish Council

  • Establish and maintain a monthly calendar of events for our Parish youth

  • Establish and maintain a current directory including name/email, phone and cell for all the youth in Sunday School and ACYO

  • Periodically attend worship services and special meetings at St. Vartan Church

  • Coordinate youth participation in Parish events, including annual Picnic and Food Festival

  • Prepare an annual report for the annual Parish Assembly meeting

  • Be a mentor, companion, resource and role model for the youth and their families

  • Receive an annual performance review with feedback 


Sunday School (Ages 3-11)

  • Develop a plan for making contacts and building relationships, and execute on the plan

  • Initiate outreach to local families and youth to encourage participation and membership in youth programs and activities

  • Increase enrollment through personal contacts and enhance youth participation in Sunday School

  • Collaborate with the Sunday School Superintendent 


ACYO (Ages 12-17)

  • Establish a regular meeting schedule

  • Attend all Executive Board and Membership Meetings

  • Enlist parents to increase youth involvement in Parish and Diocesean Armenian religious and cultural programming

  • Plan and implement age appropriate activities/programs/events that promote community through fellowship, fun and faith development

  • Encourage participation in Diocesean and other youth programming, camps and conferences

  • Oversee financial activities of the group as members are of minor age



  • This is a part-time, independent contractor 1099-position, up to 80 hours per month

  • Compensation: Hourly rate of $31.25/hour with a maximum 80 hours per month

  • Long term commitment desired

  • Schedule is flexible, setting own hours

  • Mileage reimbursement not included

  • Hours worked to be submitted monthly

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

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