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Parish Council 2024

The Parish Council of St. Vartan is the governing body of the Church. The board meets monthly. To find out more about any of the following groups, please email the Rachel Harger in the church office at

President: Rev. Fr. Krikor Zakaryan

Chair: Liz Ojakian 

Vice Chair: Edward Jamgotchian 

Treasurer: Sako Soghomonian

Assistant Treasurer: Paul Deardorff

Corresponding Secretary: Seza Dominguez

Recording Secretary: Allen Yagjian 

Membership: Janet Yeghissian

Fundraising: Debbie Maturo

Maintenance: Raffi Gregorian

Choir liaison: Armen Phelps

Committee Liaisons

Deacons: Fr. Krikor Zakaryan
ACYO & Hye Social Club: Sako Soghomonian

Athletic Program & Picnic: Allen Yagjian

Sunday School: Janet Yeghissian

Ladies Society: Nadya Yagjian

Cultural Committee: Liz Ojakian

Stewardship: Debbie Maturo

Food Festival: Edward Jamgotchian

Choir: Armen Phelps

Ladies Society: Nadya Yagjian

Ladies Society — Lisa Manoogian, Chair

The Ladies Society brings women of the church together for study, fellowship, worship and service and has been a major contributor in the successful operation of the church, through its service, leadership and fundraising efforts. Make friends to last a lifetime and enjoy being part of something rewarding. All are welcome.

Sunday School — Karen Mener, Superintendent

Our Sunday School helps our children develop a relationship with God and the church, grow in their faith, and learn about their Christian Armenian religion, culture and history in a fun-filled learning environment.

Sunday School meets on Sundays during the school year (September through May) 10:30 am-12:00 noon.

ACYO (Armenian Church Youth Organization) — Ani Brady, Chair

For youth age 12 and up providing opportunities for worship, service, education and fellowship through projects and events year-round.

Choir — Armena Petrosova, Director

An ensemble of mixed voices singing Armenian hymns (sharagans) from the Badarak (Divine Liturgy) according to Gomitas Vartapet.

Cultural Committee — Liz Ojakian, Chair

The Cultural Committee works diligently to organize cultural events, musical concerts, book reviews, dance performances, lectures and movie screenings.

Hye Social Club — Annette Kevranian, Chair

The mission of Hye Social Club is to strengthen and build friendships in the St. Vartan Community for Mature Millenials, Gen X, and Young at Heart Boomers.

Men's Group

Adult men of the St. Vartan community join in fellowship and camaraderie that are aligned with the overall Christian spirit and teachings of the Armenian Church.


Male and female basketball and volleyball athletes compete together in an environment of friendly competition against other church youth.

Onsite Staff

Office Manager: Rachel Harger
Maintenance: Wartkes Hagopian

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